Our Wedding Photos!

Click here to see our wedding photos!

The first batch of our wedding photos are ready!! They are on our photographer’s blog.

We really loved the way the photos turned out. They were “really really good” in Adolphus’ words. And we can’t stop looking at them. hehe.

Looking at the photos makes us feel so thankful to the love and support that was shown to us throughout the wedding preparation and especially on that day, celebrating our joy with everyone. All glory to God!

Its a 557 hour; 19,976 mile drive between California and Singapore

So apparently, google thinks that it is possible  for Adolphus to DRIVE from US to Singapore for the wedding! Just takes about 557 hours non-stop!

So google assumes that there is either:

a) a great Japan-American Highway… whoohooo… haha.


b) a cruise that you can drive your car on and it crosses the north pacific ocean like the English channel


c) Adolphus drives some thing like this.

Well, so I was wrong after all. Google maps can calculate directions from such great distances, great job guys! hahaha.